Water Children Tomoko Mukaiyama

Tomoko Mukaiyama won the Gaudeamus Music Award in 1991 and played with internationally renowned orchestras such as Het Concertgebouw Orkest, London Sinfionetta and Ensemble Modern. She used her experience as a stage artist to create installations and performances in and outside of the concert hall. She worked with choreographers such as Jiří Kylián, Guy and Roni and with artists such as Marina Abramovic and Ian Kerkhof and she created her own multi-media projects in the Netherlands and abroad.


15 oktober 2011 concert
new piano concert 1 Ayu-m, Shirataka-cho, Yamagata

16 oktober 2011
new installation work Nocturne Yamagata

Tomoko Mukaiyama

Tomoko Mukaiyama (photo: Philip Mechanicus)


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