Water Children press



“Reserved and breathtakingly intimate (…) a majestic epic about motherhood, miscarriages, menopause. In a both searching and self-confident manner of discovering and watching, the film penetrates into what is probably still one of the greatest of taboos, menstruation, and, as a consequence, about what femininity and being a woman mean.” Dana Linssen, NRC Handelsblad 
4 stars out of 5

‘Poetic, intimate confessions’
 Floortje Smit, Volkskrant 
4 stars out of 5

“An unforgettable, claustrophobic film, as sensuous as Werner Herzog’s early work, or everything by Terence Malick, especially his latest film Tree of Life. All these films explore the meaning of universal themes around life and death, birth and degeneration in a visual, poetic way. Watching it represents in itself a ritual, almost a kind of mourning, or an extended moment of the sublime.’

Gawie Keyser, De Groene Amsterdammer

“With Water Children, Aliona van der Horst, has created a film that is first and foremost an experience. You have to feel – and watch. Listen. Everyone who undergoes this film will see their own story or that of acquaintances and friends reflected in it.”

Floor de Haas, Neerlands Filmdoek


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